Nap Pod

Individual Nap Pod available in open, quiet room.  Ten pods available per room.  Private storage available.

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Semi Private Nap Cube

Up to 2 nap pods available in partial enclosed area with light entertainment, including television and bookcase.

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Private Nap Room

Private room, with one nap chaise, which can be customized to meet your personal sleeping needs including scent, sound and temp.

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Rest your body and mind!

Your health is important. Sleep is the key to a healthy lifestyle and productive work day.  You need it to survive, but most Americans don't get the rest they need.  We provide you that space to refresh and refocus when you need it.

At The Nap Lounge, we provide you with the perfect environment to get the space you need to rest and attack the rest of your day with purpose and passion.  Memberships are available at all stages.  The best thing is that no electronic devices are permitted.  No phones, no computers; just you.

When that 2 pm lag hits, take 30 minutes to get your mind right with a nap.


Next Steps...

We are opening our first 3 locations in the next 45 days.  Stay up to date and get special discounts by signing up TODAY!!!